Try Docbook & Discover the Smarter Way to Manage Your Medical Bookings

Providing a service that works with your current medical practice software in Australia, you can enjoy the flexibility of testing Docbook's online scheduling system entirely risk free.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Online Access 24/7
  • Patients and practice staff have online and hassle free access to your appointment book
  • You can restrict patient pools for specific physicians ensuring only existing patients are able to schedule appointment bookings
  • Appointment reminders are sent automatically to help reduce your practice's 'no-shows'
  • Patient profile details include the first four digits of their Medicare number to eliminate duplicate records and keep your practice running quickly and efficiently

You can run the Docbook online booking tool concurrently with your existing scheduling systems.

Docbook has been designed to ensure seamless, reliable integration with leading PMS platforms like Pracsoft and Best Practice so appointments made through the online booking tool synchronise automatically with your practice software. There's no double handling, just fast, free, convenient appointment management.

Bookings made through Docbook are currently doubling each year and since going live in Australia two years ago, 78% of new patients who use the Docbook scheduling tool to book their medical appointments would recommend the fast, secure and convenient service to their friends.

So once your practice has experienced the benefits of a seamless booking facility designed specifically to complement medical practice software in Australia, they'll be no looking back. And, it won't cost a cent!

Provider Package

  • Integration with practice management software
  • Self customisation of profile
  • Upload photos
  • Update details
  • Include doctor specialisations
  • Customise appointment types
  • Customise access to doctors

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