Docbook's Medical Appointments Online Means A Smarter, More Efficient Medical Practice

When you join the Docbook online medical professionals network you can expect to provide your patients and administration staff a seamless, easy to use online medical appointments system.

In three easy steps, your patients can locate your practice, select their preferred medical professional at their preferred time and input their user details - including the first four digits of their Medicare number - which will save both your clients, and your staff, precious time and resources.

Docbook gives your patients 24/7 access to your online medical appointment book and frees up your phone lines and reception staff for the important matters like optimising your patient care.

By making your medical appointments available online your practice can develop an online presence as part of the Docbook network. Your practice can enjoy the benefits of Docbook's SEO technology which works hard to ensure your practice ranks as high as possible on search engines like Google and exposes you to potentially hundreds of new patients.

Within the first two years of Docbook's operation, practices have found that 78% of their patients recommend Docbook to their friends and medical appointments made online are currently doubling every year.

The Docbook online booking system can also help you to manage patient pools by restricting allowable bookings for specific doctors and providing helpful information like medical specialisations without the need for time consuming telephone calls, call backs and answering email queries.

Integrating Docbook's online medical appointment management with your practice software is the right choice. If you already have a website, we will personally guide you through how add your own online booking system to your website in hours

Provider Package

  • Integration with practice management software
  • Self customisation of profile
  • Upload photos
  • Update details
  • Include doctor specialisations
  • Customise appointment types
  • Customise access to doctors

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